Obchodní jméno: KTS – CZ,s.r.o.
Sídlo: Závodu míru 578/5 – 2.NP
  360 17 Karlovy Vary

Právní forma:

s.r.o. oddíl C, vložka 4056

Den zápisu: 23.července 1993


+420 353 505 025

  +420 353 505 021

Osoba oprávněná jednat:

Ing. Ondřej Košina

  jednatel společnosti

Kód datové schránky:

+420 353 505 025

Business name: KTS – CZ,s.r.o.
Registered office: Závodu míru 578/5 – 2NP
  360 17 Karlovy Vary

Legal form:



Phone Number:

+420 353 505 025

  +420 353 505 021

Responsible person:

Ing. Ondřej Košina

  Executive head
Phone Number: +420 353 505 025
Email: kosina@kts-cz.cz

Foundation of corporation:

KTS-CZ was founded in March 1993. KTS-CZ has 12 stable employees and cooperates with partners in Czech Republic and abroad. Stable employees have also experience in work in Germany.

Technical and software equipment:

KTS-CZ dispose with CAD platform with Autocad LT include extension –  Cadkon with relevant professions and freshly also with Revit MEP for BIM platform. Moreover we use programs Microsoft Word, Excel, Solar Computer Göttingen,  Protech.  All workplaces are connected throught server  to the internet.

Qualification for Projects:

All stable employees have longstanding experiences in their branch. As seen in following list of orders, we solve broad issue of environmental engineering in Czech Republic and abroad.

KTS-CZ has Chartered Engineers according to Collection of Laws no. 360/1992 in branch of building environment (technical appliances), sanitary buildings and water utilization buildings.

Scope of Activities:


Conceptual Design

System Analyze

Technology Selection

Concepts of Appliances

Energetic Concepts

Efficiency Examination


KTS-CZ offers guarantee on work in agreed time. The guarantee begins by work delivery to client.

KTS-CZ is also insured for damages caused by its work.